My Story

About Me

I started my own personal development journey over sixteen years ago, and during that time I have seen my life transform in so many ways. I started my own highly successful management consulting business, massively increased my wealth and created and now sustain a well-balanced lifestyle incorporating my passion for helping people, travelling, and business. I truly believe that the best investment in life is the investment we make in ourselves.

Becoming a success coach

I have been working with the Proctor Gallagher Institute as a success consultant and coach since the beginning of 2016, specialising in supporting clients through the ‘Thinking into Results’ programme. My work with the Institute sees me coach both businesses and individuals, and guide them to extraordinary results.


I have been trained and coached by Bob Proctor which has given me a huge insight into how we as human beings operate. It is with this insight and learning that I now coach others into achieving their dreams and ambitions, not just in business, but also in life and love.


I have always believed in pushing myself for better results, greater achievement, and more success, which has naturally lead me to taking on numerous qualifications in business and self development. However, despite my sixteen years of working and coaching businesses and individuals using a variety of tools and interventions, I have never come across a more powerful programme as Thinking into Results.


Thinking into Results works for anyone and any business whatever the current circumstances, as long as you are someone who wants to experience massive results.


But of course, don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself by contacting me today.



When I signed up to Thinking into Results with Mandy I must admit that I had a lot of resistance with starting the programme, so for me just logging in was a breakthrough.

Mandy was very helpful and consistently encouraged me to keep going, even if I only made a small step every day. I eventually watched the first video and enjoyed it. I did my exercise and wrote down my ultimate goal – this took 2 weeks! Ironically you might say, my goal was “to be a coach”.  This almost sounds unbelievable considering the hard time I was giving my own coach, Mandy! What I wanted was to coach in special and sacred places around the world, a very big ideal. But, as Bob Proctor says, “If your goal doesn’t scare you, it’s the wrong goal”.

I am so happy I had Mandy as my coach, to show me and guide me into just doing what I can every day. All of this was just after Lesson 1, and I cannot wait to begin Lesson 2 as soon as possible. Thinking into Results certainly is a powerful programme.  I am scared but excited at the same time about what I can achieve by just believing it. I value myself more having begun this programme, and I and know that I am attracting the right conditions to continue on the path to achieving my goal.

Thank you, Mandy.

Thank you, Bob.

Thank you, ‘Thinking into Results’!

– Agnes Mannah

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