We are always searching for some result or other, we definitely desire it, our words and intentions are clear that we have a goal in mind, and yes believe we can achieve it. But is that enough? Is it enough to say it out loud, to declare our intentions? Well it is a start, but if we don’t follow through with the actions such a commitment requires then we may as well blow our commitment along with our goal to the wind.

I love climbing mountains, so when a friend of mine who is dedicated to raising funds for an orphanage in Nepal (the orphanage is now built and running) said he was going to attempt the ‘Highest Gig’ record on Mera Peak in Nepal with a trek there, I immediately jumped at the chance of going. Of course saying yes ticked several boxes for me; I love Nepal, I love climbing mountains, and I love doing things for a good cause. So without any hesitation I paid my £500 deposit.

Now, I thought I had committed, after all I had paid my deposit, put the money where my mouth is, I had shown commitment, hadn’t I? What I had demonstrated was a desire to go; an intention to be part of the trip – what followed was actually a lack of commitment.

Commitment to anything is a deep routed intention followed by consistent action to follow through with that intention. I never followed through with any real action to facilitate my goal of going and being part of this amazing trip, neither did I truly believe I would go. And with each lack of action so the nagging belief that I ‘might’ not go crept in until, yes you guessed it! When the time came to go, something come up – or in this case – lots of things came up that stopped me from going. The team reached the summit and took the world record, and I was pretty gutted not to have been part of that momentous occasion.

​Commitment has to be followed by constant and persistent action.  Commitment is verb, a ‘doing’ word. We have to ‘do’ in order to commit.  If you want to learn more about commitment then click here.